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  • how to apply cologne

    how to apply cologne now the scent is a very powerful tool but it’s also something that’s very easy to get wrong but don’t worry I got six tips that I have you wearing it like a boss let’s get right into it okay first up on our tips on how to apply cologne how and where to […]

  • Merchandizing of Wholesale Overstocks liquidation pallets

    Merchandizing of wholesale overstocks liquidation pallets from major departments is now available. The major departments include Macy’s Sears, Kohl’s, Target, Kmart and Wal-Mart. You can buy truckloads or pallets of bulk goods of these overstocks. Merchandising usually is in seasonal manner that is at the end of winter the apparel is closed out making new […]

  • Home Page

    Welcome To My Hobby Blog Hey guys in this blog I will be writing all my hobbies from Fishkeeping which is keeping koi fish and breeding them. Shopping. I will be sharing also about My Shopping journey. I will be also sharing some of my online selling experience from dropshipping Liquidation Pallets items or closeout […]